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Stacey Cohen

USPTA Professional Stacey Cohen is celebrating 25 years as a tennis-teaching pro in Los Angeles. She is self-employed and teaches out of Weddington Golf and Tennis in Studio City, Calif. She also teaches at private courts in the area.

Stacey started playing tennis at age 9 and started competing heavily when she was 10. She played junior tournaments and was a high-ranked player in Southern California between 10 and 16 years of age. She also played high school tennis but then decided to take a break from the game.  "I wanted to experience other things in life for a while," Stacey says. She attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she earned a bachelor's degree in psychology. 

After college, Stacey picked up tennis again, playing satellite tournaments. She started teaching again full time after college. "I started teaching because I feel that I have a true knowledge of this game, and I am able to communicate and help my students understand how to play it," she says.  "I think what I enjoy most about this profession is seeing people smile and have success on the tennis court. I feel that it is a challenging, yet fun-filled day, and I wouldn't want to do anything else.  "My greatest accomplishment is when I can communicate to someone how to do a particular stroke and it clicks. I love seeing the outcome of that."

Stacey is proud and grateful that she has consistent and loyal students. "I enjoy watching my long-term students continue to get better over time. It's a real joy to see," she says.

Outside of tennis, Stacey is a certified Egoscue Therapist who helps people get out of chronic pain. When she's not teaching or playing tennis, she enjoys painting, watching movies and eating great food.

Danny Slucki

Danny Slucki is an assistant coach at Topspinbaby Tennis. He has 3 years of teaching experience. Danny started playing tennis at age 7. He played tennis for many years as a kid but then found softball as his main sport. Danny is a delight to have on the tennis court. He is full of positive energy and very supportive. He works hard and is great with kids and adults.  You will always catch him with a smile on his face. He communicates well with his students and enjoys being out on the tennis court. He has been teaching cardio tennis classes for the last few years and loves the energy of the classes.

In his free time, Danny in an avid photographer and also loves to bake. If you're lucky he just might bring some fresh baked cookies to your class or lesson.

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