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I've taken Stacey's cardio tennis class for 10+ years and I recommend both the class and Stacey as an instructor.  The class is 90 min. of drills and skills practice and fun games to keep things interesting.  She even gives healthy snack packs to the "winner." of each competition.  She will give you suggestions on ways to improve your shots but she won't say "do this, do that." or " You're doing it wrong".  I've taken classes with many instructors over the year and I keep coming back to Stacey's classes.

Kathleen J

I've been playing a weekly cardio tennis class with Stacy for more than 10 years now. It's a great group of players with various skill levels. It's fun but not too competitive; my favorite hour of the week. She keeps the games moving along and offers great advice on your game. Highly recommended.

Todd B.

I've tried other classes and this is the by far the best cardio tennis in town! I look forward to it every week because it's such a stress reliever. Can't say enough about Stacey who always makes it fun and finds the right mix of players. If you enjoy playing tennis and want to have a great workout, you need to give it a try.

Chi D

I've been taking Stacey's cardio tennis classes for 6+ years and I'm still enjoying them so much. I get a great workout and have fun doing it. I travel often and love that I can sign up for classes and not have to arrange a match for myself.

Nova M

Stacey is a great coach and teacher who makes learning fun. I've been in her cardio tennis class for six years and also taken private lessons. She is expert at helping improve your game, no matter what level you play. Her manner is upbeat and instills confidence in her students.  Stacey's cardio tennis class is a blast. We have a great time playing while getting tons of exercise and improving our game. I highly recommend Topspinbaby Tennis.

Sheila H.

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